Welcome to the Department of Human Genetics

The Department of Human Genetics is the home within the Division of Biological Sciences for the study of basic principles of genetics and genomics as applied to human evolution, health, and disease. We provide broad training in field work, experimental genetics and genomics, statistical and population genetics, bioinformatics, and clinical molecular genetics. Our faculty bridge between basic and clinical research, and perform studies in people as well as in animal and cell models, and train students for careers in academia, industry, and medicine. The highly focused and integrated research in HG has resulted in extensive networks of collaboration among our faculty, as well as with faculty in other departments and divisions of the university.

Science, including genetics, plays a central role in many crucial issues of our time. We are committed to generating rigorous scientific knowledge, training future scientists, and preparing our students to be well-informed citizens in a democratic society. We have an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, free expression, and open discourse. These values are at the core of our roles as scientists, as teachers, and as citizens of a free society.