Mitchell Conference

The inaugural Mitchell Conference was held in December 1998 in conjunction with the Jean Mitchell Watson Lectureship. The program included Medical Geneticist C. Thomas Caskey, MD; Evolutionary Geneticist Svante Paabo, PhD; Geneticist James D. Watson, PhD, and Evolutionary Biologist Edward O. Wilson, PhD.

Subsequent Mitchell Conferences have been convened to focus discussion on a specific theme of contemporary importance in human genetics research. Each conference has brought in the world's most distinguished and innovative leaders to share their work on the chosen theme.

Video from the Mitchell Conference held in 2015:

David Reich's talk entitled, "Towards a New History and Geography of Human Genes informed by Ancient DNA" is available here.

Christina Warinner's talk entitled, "Ancient Microbiome and Human Health" is available here.

Alan Cooper's talk entitled, "Ancient DNA as a Window to Paleoecology and the Biotic Response to past Climate Change" is available here.

2001 Cloning and Genetic Technology: Legal, Social and Ethical Implications

Lori Andrews, JD, Legal Scholar, Illinois Institute of Technology, Kent College of Law

Leon R. Kass, MD, PhD, Ethicist, University of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought

Gerald P. Schatten, PhD, Stem Cell Biologist, Oregon Health Sciences University

Lee M. Silver, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Princeton University

2003 Genetic Influences on Animal and Human Behavior

Jonathan Flint, MD, Psychiatric Geneticist, Oxford University

Emmanuel Mignot, MD, Psychiatrist and Behavioral Biologist, Stanford University

Gene Robinson, PhD, Behavioral Geneticist, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

2007 Epigenetics of Human Biology and Disease

Susan Lindquist, PhD, Molecular Geneticist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert Waterland, PhD, Nutritional Geneticist, Baylor College of Medicine

Huda Zoghbi, MD, Neurodevelopmental Geneticist, Baylor College of Medicine

2012 Genetics and Genomics of Stem Cells

Fred Gage, MD, Neurobiologist, Salk Institute

Geoff Rosenfield, MD, Stem Cell Biologist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Rudolf Jaenisch, MD, Stem Cell Biologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology