The Department of Human Genetics offers a graduate degree program, postdoctoral research opportunities,  Clinical Fellowship Training in Laboratory Genetics and Genomics, and a Medical Genetics (M.D.) Training Program.

Our Department offers graduate training for careers in the basic biological sciences. Students have the opportunity to study diverse areas of human genetics such as: human disease, neurogenetics, complex trait genetics, pharmacogenetics, mouse genetics, statistical genetics, and population and evolutionary genetics.

A wide range of postdoctoral research opportunities are available in the Department of Human Genetics. Please look over the faculty research pages to determine your interests and contact faculty members directly.

The Department of Human Genetics offers American Board of Medical Genetics accredited training programs in laboratory genetics and genomics. The training programs have a wide range of clinical and research activities including orphan disease diagnostics, cancer genetics, pharmacogenetics, translation of new gene discoveries for diagnostic purposes, technology development, centromere delineation, chromosome structure and function studies, and phenotype/karyotype studies.

The Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago together with Children’s Memorial Hospital at Northwestern University School of Medicine have an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved training program in medical genetics. The program is designed to offer residents an exposure to a broad array of clinical genetics diseases, provide the appropriate skills needed for genetics evaluation and genetic counseling, develop an appreciation of the utilization and interpretation of genetics tests, and to foster the development of basic sciences research.