Name Degree, year Current position Location
Dumitrescu, Alexandra PhD 2005 Assistant Professor University of Chicago
Grinberg, Inessa PhD 2005 Pediatrician Los Angeles, CA
Weiss, Lauren PhD 2005 Associate Professor University of California, San Francisco
Voight, Benjamin PhD 2006 Associate Professor University of Pennsylvania
Wittke-Thompson, Jaqueline PhD 2006 Professor St Francis University, Joliet, IL
Conrad, Donald PhD 2007 Associate Professor Washington University, St Louis
Shukla, Sunita PhD 2007

Associate Director for Regulatory Science

 Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Drug
Evaluation and Research (CDER), Office of Antimicrobial Products (OAP)
Becquet, Celine PhD 2008 Senior Bioinformatics Engineer DiCE Molecules, Redwood City
Kudaravalli, Sridhar PhD 2008 Executive Director Kekule Pharmaceuticals, India
Goodenbour, Jeff PhD 2009 Manager Corsica Life Sciences Consulting
Hancock, Angela PhD 2009 Group Leader Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
Howng, Bruce PhD 2009 Post-Doc, Ying-Hiu Fu lab University of California, San Francisco
Roy-Pucklewartz, Megan PhD 2009 Research Assistant Professor Northwestern University
Vigh-Conrad, Katinka PhD 2009 Marketing Washington University, St Louis
Blekhman, Ran PhD 2010 Assistant Professor University of Minnesota
Alon, Adi PhD 2011 Machine Learning Researcher and Data Scientist Applied Materials, Santa Clara
Below, Jennifer PhD 2011 Assistant Professor Vanderbilt University
Pickrell, Joseph PhD 2011 Junior Group Leader/Adjunct Assistant Professor New York Genome Center/ Columbia University
Stark, Amy PhD 2011 Director of the DNA Learning Center University of Notre Dame
Bainer,Russell PhD 2012 Computational Biologist Genentech
Cain, Carolyn PhD 2012 Medical Writer MedLogix Communications
Chong, Jessica PhD 2012 Instructor University of Washington
Alkorta, Gorka PhD 2012 NGS Clinical Specialist University of Chicago Genetic Services Laboratory
Savic, Daniel PhD 2012 Assistant Member St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Maranville, Joseph PhD 2012 Genetics Research Fellow Celgene
Pai, Athma PhD 2012 Assistant Professor UMass Medical School
Smemo, Scott PhD  2012 Scientist Columbia University Medical Center
Wasserman, Nora PhD 2012 Adjunct Professor Northwestern U, Loyola U

Caliskan, Minal

Cusanovich, Darren

Swaggart, Kayleigh

PhD 2013

PhD 2013

PhD 2013

Post-doc, Brown Lab

Post-doc, Shendure Lab

Genetic Counseling Graduate Student

University of Pennsylvania


University of Washington

University of Cincinnati

Leffler, Ellen PhD 2013 Post-doc, Spencer group Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Hart, Amy PhD 2013 Scientist Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
Meyer, Wynn PhD 2013 Post-doc  University of California, Berkeley

Jie Zhou

Davenport, Emily

PhD 2014

PhD 2014

Team Lead

Post-doc, Clark lab

Riot Games, Shanghai City, China

Cornell University

Lamar, Kay-Marie PhD 2014 Post-Doc, McNally lab Northwestern University
Jha, Aashish PhD 2015 Post-doc, Bustamante Lab Stanford University
Bailey, Katie PhD 2015 Associate Director
Strategic Foundation Initiatives, Arete: A Research Accelerator, University of Chicago
Burrows, Courtney PhD 2015 Commercial Leadership Program AbbVie
Silvia Njeri Kariuki PhD 2016 Postdoctoral Researcher Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)/Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya
Choongwon Jeong PhD 2016 Postdoctoral Scholar Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Nick Banovich PhD 2016 Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Translational Genomics Research Institute
Catherine Igartua PhD 2017 Computational Biologist Tempus Inc., Chicago, IL
Michelle Stein PhD 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar Ober Lab, University of Chicago

Sarah Urbut

Michael Turchin

Natalia Gonzales


Aarti Venkat

Bryan Pavlovic

PhD 2017

PhD 2017

PhD 2017

PhD 2018

PhD 2018

Medical Student

Postdoc, Ramachandran Lab

Research Technician

Compuatational Biologist


Pritzker Medical School, University of Chicago

Brown University


Gilad Lab, University of Chicago

Tempus Inc., Chicago, IL