Seminar Series


Human Genetics Seminar Series Wed. from 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Date Title & Speaker Faculty Host Location
11/19/14 Genetic Tales of Human History
Joshua Akey
(Univ of Washington)
Irene & Shyam KCBD 1103
12/10/14 Genomic studies of adaptive traits in humans: the evolution of the Pygmy phenotype and innate immune responses to infection
Luis Barreiro
(Univ of Montreal)
Carole Ober KCBD 1103
1/7/15 Genetics and Personalized Medicine: The molecular basis of Monogenic Diabetes
Daniela del Gaudio
(Univ of Chicago)
Soma Das KCBD 1103
1/28/15 Utilizing Large EMR Biorepositories for Uterine Fibroid Association Studies
Digna Velez Edwards
(Vanderbilt University)
Yoav Gilad and Carole Ober KCBD 1103
2/4/15 Genetic Basis of Morphology and Disease in the Domestic Dog
Elaine Ostrander
(National Human Genome Research Institute)
Abe Palmer KCBD 1103
2/18/15 Rare Regulatory Variation in Individuals, Families and Population
Stephen Montgomery
(Stanford University)
John Novembre KCBD 1103
2/25/15 Insights into human gene function from combined analysis of over 60,000 exomes
Daniel MacArthur

(Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School)
Matthew Stephens KCBD 1103
3/4/15 Genomics and Evolution of Host-Microbiome Interactions
Ran Blekhman

(Univ of Minnesota)
Yoav Gilad KCBD 1103
3/9/15 Quantitative Behavioral Geneticcs
Abraham Palmer, Ph.D.

(Univ of Chicago)
NOTE: Occurs at @2:00 PM
CLSC (920 E. 58th St) Room 101
3/11/15 3D Genome Organization and Gene Regulation
Bing Ren

(UC San Diego)
Marcelo Nobrega KCBD 1103
4/1/15 Opportunities and Challenges for Population and Medical Genomics in the Personal Genome Era
Carlos Bustamante

(Stanford University)
Michael Turchin KCBD 1103
4/15/15 Goncalo Abecasis

(Univ of Michigan)
Mark Abney KCBD 1103
4/22/15 Alexandra Dumitrescu

(Univ of Chicago)
Carole Ober KCBD 1103
4/29/15 Christa L. Martin

Darrel Waggoner KCBD 1103

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