Natalia Maltsev

Research Professor

Research Description

My major scientific interest is the development of the approaches for representation and analysis of complex biological systems and how these approaches can be applied to the discovery of the molecular mechanisms contributing to complex heritable disorders. Together with Prof. Gilliam I am leading a number of projects in Bioinformatics group (Prof. Gilliam’s lab):

  1.  We have developed Lynx ( -- a web-based database and a knowledge extraction engine, supporting annotation and analysis of experimental data and generation of weighted hypotheses on molecular mechanisms contributing to human phenotypes and disorders of interest. Its underlying knowledge base (LynxKB) integrates various classes of information from over thirty-five public databases and private collections, as well as manually curated data from our group and collaborators. Lynx provides advanced search capabilities and a variety of algorithms for enrichment analysis and network-based gene prioritization to assist the user in extracting meaningful knowledge from LynxKB and experimental data, while its Service Oriented Architecture provides public access to LynxKB and its analytical tools via user-friendly web services and interfaces.
  2. Clinical collaborations. The main emphasis of our clinical and experimental collaborations is on understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental and mental disorders (e.g. autism, schizophrenia, brain malformations), however the analytical approaches being developed by our group may be successfully applied to other classes of disorders. Some examples of such collaborations include: reconstructions of molecular networks and predictions of genetic factors contributing to: mid- and hind- brain malformations (with Prof. Dobyns, University of Washington), cerebellum disorders (with Prof. K. Millen, Seattle Children’s Hospital), pathogenesis of spina bifida (with Prof. M Ross, Cornell University), Aicardi syndrome (Prof. Elliott Sherr, UCSF), autism and mental retardations (Prof. D. Geschwind, UCLA), epilepsy (with Dr. A. Paciorkowski, University of Rochester) and others.
  3. Algorithms development. In collaboration with Prof. Jinbo Xu, TTIC, the University of Chicago, we are developing a workbench for reconstruction and comparative analysis of biological networks.
  4. Study of molecular mimicry (in collaboration with Prof. Barteneva, Harvard Children’s Hospital, Prof. Fasano, Mass General Hospital, Harvard and Drs. Jinbo Xu and Dr. Sheng Wang, TTIC). This project aims to explore the pathophysiological and evolutionary relationships between the host and parasite.

Selected Publications

Disease gene prioritization using network and feature.
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High-throughput translational medicine: challenges and solutions.
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Lynx: a database and knowledge extraction engine for integrative medicine.
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Microvesicles and intercellular communication in the context of parasitism.
Barteneva NS, Maltsev N, Vorobjev IA
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Copy number variants and infantile spasms: evidence for abnormalities in ventral forebrain development and pathways of synaptic function.
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