Molly Przeworski, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Human Genetics and Department of Ecology and Evolution
B.A., Mathematics, Princeton University, 1994
Ph.D., Committee on Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago, 2000
Postdoctoral researcher, Mathematical Genetics, University of Oxford, 2002
920 E. 58th Street CLSC 420 Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 834-8178
Fax: (773) 834-0505

Research Description

Genetic variation among extant individuals carries information about the evolutionary and genetic forces that have shaped their ancestors. Our research leverages this information to learn about recombination, demography and natural selection, in humans as well as in other species. To do so, we combine modeling, the development of statistical tools and data analysis.

Selected Publications

  • Segurel L., Leffler E.M., and Przeworski M. The case of the fickle fingers: How the PRDM9 zinc finger protein specifies meiotic recombination hotspots in humans. PLoS Biol, 9(12):e1001211, Dec 2011. (Link)
  • Wilson D.J., Hernandez R.D., Andolfatto P., and Przeworski M. A population genetics-phylogenetics approach to inferring natural selection in coding sequences. PLoS Genet, 7(12):e1002395, Dec 2011. (Link)
  • Hernandez R.D., Kelley J.L., Elyashiv E., Melton S.C., Auton A., McVean G., 1000 Genomes Project, Sella G., and Przeworski M. Classic selective sweeps were rare in recent human evolution. Science, 331(6019):920–924, Feb 2011. (Link)
  • Coop, G., Wen, W., Ober, C., Pritchard, J. K., and M. Przeworski, 2008 High resolution mapping of crossovers reveals extensive variation in fine-scale recombination patterns among humans. Science 319: 1395-8.
  • Becquet, C., and M. Przeworski, 2007 A new method to estimate parameters of speciation models, with application to apes. Genome Research 17: 1505-19.
  • Teshima, K. M., Coop, G., and M. Przeworski. 2006 How reliable are empirical genomic scans for selective sweeps? Genome Research 16: 702-712.
  • Przeworski, M., Coop, G., and Wall, J. D. (2005). "The signature of positive selection on standing genetic variation." Evolution 59: 2312-2323.