Welcome to the Department of Human Genetics

The Department of Human Genetics is the home within the Division of Biological Sciences for the study of basic principles of genetics and genomics as applied to human disease. We provide broad training in experimental genetics and genomics, statistical and population genetics, bioinformatics, and clinical genetics.  A common theme throughout our research is the application of basic genetic principles and strategies to the study of disease mechanism, disease susceptibility, and the genetic architecture of complex traits. Our faculty bridge between basic and clinical research and train students for careers in academia, industry, and medicine.

Latest News and Announcements

RNA splicing mutations play major role in genetic variation and disease

News from the Gilad Lab

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Kennewick Man proven to be Native American

News from the Novembre and Di Rienzo labs

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Genome-wide methylation study identifies an IL-13 induced epigenetic signature in asthmatic airways

News from the Ober lab

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Genetic Flip Helped Organisms go from One Cell to Many

News from the Thornton Lab

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New paper from the Di Rienzo lab on the Ainu and the ancient history of East Asian populations

Deep history of East Asian populations revealed through genetic analysis of the Ainu

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Carole Ober to Lead New March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center

UChicago Medicine to lead $10 million March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center

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John Novembre Named MacArthur Fellow

MacArthur Fellows Profile

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